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I sat on the swing, slowly swinging back and forth.
I jumped, shoving my feet into the ground to stop the swing.
"Sorry, love."
They sat by me, sheepishly smiling. Brown emoish hair, blue eyes, and a lip piercing.
"It's alright. What's your name?"
"Kyle. You?"
"Let's go crazy, crazy, cra--"
"Hello?" I answered, softly blushing.
"Are you at home?" My sister, Katie, said through the phone.
"I'm at the park. I already called mom, and I locked up the house."
Click. I shrugged, putting my phone in my pocket.
"One Direction? Really?"
I jumped, forgetting about Kyle.
"Sorry again. love."
"It's alright, I just forgot about you."
"Gee, thanks." He pouted.
"You're welcome! And yes, One Direction. Got a problem with it?"
He shook his head. "Just didn't expect it from a girl wearing a Black Veil Brides shirt."
I shrugged.
"So who was on the phone?"
"My sister, nosy ass."
He put his hands up defensively, and I laughed.
"IT's fine. She just wanted to know that I made it home."
I proceeded to tell him on how usually I come home to an empty house.
I shrugged. "No biggey."
"Give me your phone."
Hesitantly, I handed him my phone.
"Don't worry." He said, taking it. "I'm just putting my number in."
I nodded, taking my phone back when he was done.
"Whenever something happens, just text me."
He got up, walking away. Well then.
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January 7, 2013
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